Modular Kitchen

Aadi Ananta, bring together functionality and aesthetics to provide customer with customised, efficient and optimum value of the money home designs. Designers are specialised in interior designs and home décor, and always a personalized home to suit your lifestyle. Optimum utilization of space with clutter-free interior designs, Team is always available to help you find the best home decor and home design to match your needs and style.

Solar Power

A solar cell, or photovoltaic cell, is an electrical device that converts the energy of light directly into electricity by the photovoltaic effect, which is a physical and chemical phenomenon. AadiAnanta, provide the solutions for the Green Energy i.e. Photo Voltic (Solar Panels). Design, supply and install the Solar Panels Batteries and invertors. Aadi Ananta has “On Grid” and “Off Grid” solutions for the customers as per his needs after visiting site.

We are the Authorised Distributor of the “Loom Solar”

Energy Audit

Aadi Ananta owing to the presence of our experts, we Energy Audit Services to our clients. Offered array of audit services is executed as per quality norms. Addition to this, 2-5% guaranteed reduction in monthly Electricity bill is offered by our experts’ recommendations without any investment. Fire safety, Efficiency improvement, Harmonics reduction, Power quality improvement, reactive power management, Demand control, Compressor air flow, Chilled water flow are add-on features of Energy audit.



Aadi Ananta’s Airconditioning division is having team of experts for the designing and providing customized solution for our customers. AadiAnanta is providing services –
1. Repairing of all kinds of ACs and Chillers,
2. Installation & Commissioning of New ACs,
3. Planned Preventive Maintenance
4. Annual Maintenance Contracts

Electrical Contracting

Aadi Ananta is an Electrical Contracting Company and delivering its MEP works. We are working as Electrical Contractors with our professional team of Electrical Engineers operated in Electrical Division and has years of extensive experience.

Our Electrical Contracting Services are –

  1. Building wiring and Electrical Distribution
  2. Switchgears, Distribution and Earthing Protection System
  3. Lighting Protection and Earthing protection System


Aadi Ananta is one of the best signage manufacturers in northern India. Aadi Ananta is also one of the very few Signage company which has been providing best quality with optimum value and audited sign manufacturer. Wide range of signage solutions by our Technicnal and Innovative team, we constantly update and innovate, reaching a top sign board supplier company in the area. 3D Sign Boards Indoor and outdoor to Neon Signs & Led Screen Suppliers, Braille Signs, Graphics and display for Vehicles as well, we have everything.

You think, we arrange.

Electric Vehicle (EV)

Electric vehicle is the vehicle which operates on an electric motor instead of an internal combustion engine. Electric motors are powered by battery packs, these battery packs last only up to a certain range depending upon the capacity of the battery. These battery packs can be charged by plugging into a charging equipment called as the EVSE- electric vehicle supply equipment. This equipment is available in various electric stations, it can also be installed at homes and offices. The electric vehicle range includes cars, bikes, Electric -Rickshaw, buses, trucks, cycles & tractors.

The Indian automobile industry is currently ranked 5th largest industry in the world and is expected to be the 3rd largest automobile industry by 2030. India is working towards developing a green future for Indian mobility and a strong EV policy. This switch to EV not only saves the environment but also helps reduce the import of crude oil in the country. The central and the state governments have taken up the initiative to promote the electric vehicle industry and have launched many schemes to encourage the citizens to adopt for electric vehicles.

The electric vehicle industry is growing rapidly in India. So that Aadi Ananta expended and entering in this field to serve the Environment. We are work on Chargers for the EVs.

Building Automation & Securities

Aadi Ananta Smart Building system generally refers to any structure that uses automated processes to control the building’s operations, accessories including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, security, and other systems.  Can Be incorporated with Lifts, escalators etc. Such buildings use sensors, actuators and associated computer systems to collect and manage information associated with essential functions and services.  Automation allows owners, operators and facility managers to improve asset reliability and performance, optimize energy use, and manage how space is used with the flexibility of on the go view and access.